Catherine was featured in a popular MOTH story (click here to listen) and an award winning story produced by KCRW in Los Angeles called, I am Montgomery Clift (click here to listen).

Catherine was featured in a documentary about near death experiences called, Round Trip. See a clip here where she discusses her own NDE.

Catherine Paretti was the first intuitive clairvoyant I'd ever consulted with. What a life changing day that was. Her readings are so specific, so on the money, they challenge even the most ardent non-believer to re-examine their understanding of reality. Reverend Catherine illuminated for me all that was hidden, her gift changed the way I see myself and the world. How many times can one say that?

Craig Chester, New York City
Director and Writer of “Adam & Steve”

Thank you Catherine for being a wonderful person, mentor, friend, and living example for me and everyone else whose lives you have touched. I may be your medical physician but you are the doctor for my soul.

Lisa R. Durso, M.D.

Reverend Catherine Paretti is an amazing human being. Her aim is to help, heal, and guide people towards the light. She has helped me understand more about myself, others, and the world, than any book or any teacher I've encountered. Catherine is more than a clairvoyant, more than a reverend, more than a psychic. She is a gifted being of light, and she helps those that go to her seeking help. A session with her is an amazing experience. My visits with Catherine are emotionally fulfilling and spiritually enriching. It is so uplifting to know that she exists. Thank you, Catherine, for all the love and advice you have given me throughout the years. I feel blessed to know you!

Hope Maxwell Snyder, Ph.D
Author of the novel Orange Wine

It is no secret among my friends that Catherine Paretti has been a source of incredible insight and perspective in my life. Every time I see her I feel torn at a crossroads and Catherine’s intuitiveness always grants lucidity and faith. She has taught me how to change my language in order to change my reality and helped me to acknowledge patterns that are destructive by giving me permission to be honest with myself.

As I reflect on her predictions, encouragement and sometimes even warnings, I am astounded by their accuracy. She has suggested subtle changes in my life that have brought incredible fulfillment including when to move and where to move. She has predicted financial fortune that even I was skeptical of in the moment and supported me through complex family dynamics. She opens my eyes and heart wider to all that surrounds me. I am in constant awe of her wisdom and guidance. Thank you Catherine for having the courage to share your gifts with us.

Sophie S.

Reverend Catherine Paretti has been more to me than a psychic or an advisor- she has been a guide since the day I met her, showing me and motivating me to follow my path. Through the difficult moments she has been a support and a source of strength, and through the indecisive moments she has shown me clarity. She gives hope, strength, and positivity to everyone who meets with her, and after every meeting I leave feeling lighter and more positive, as a healing does take place. I could never thank her enough for all the help and support she has given me, and when I look back on her predictions from years ago, the accuracy of her statements shock me. I cannot describe her in any other way than someone who shows you that there is love, light, and positivity in the world. I love her and I can never thank her enough for all the help she has given me and will continue to give me. I feel blessed that we have crossed paths, and I believe that it happened for a reason. Thank you, Catherine!

Lots of love,

Stephany S.

Dear Catherine, I just wanted to take the time to thank you for a wonderful experience. Not only was it uncanny, it was moving...I left with a feeling of mystical and magical euphoria.

Rick, New York City

Catherine Paretti is a wonder. She opens up information about one's past, present, and future with astonishing accuracy. She sits calmly and serenely while she conveys what she sees about certain situations in one's life. She is such a “normal” person—stopping to giggle and chuckle at what she says is presented to her. She creates an atmosphere of peace...Catherine is a dear person with a loving smile and true dedication to helping people become happier, more content, and grateful for life's wonderful blessings

Denise, New York City

Dear Reverend Catherine, I can't express to you how much you lighten my life. Your shining spirit has helped illuminate my path and helped me remember that if I believe and have “blind faith” all is well.

Tiffany, New York City

Thank you for your enlightenment. You have truly touched my soul.

Maria, New York City

Dear Reverend 'Cate',

Apropos to my deep love of wit and wordplay, I can honestly say that you came to me as a Gift. A producer I was working with gave me a reading with you as a birthday present. But when I called for my appointment, I hardly expected a profound and life—changing shift.

Being a Creature of the Arts, I had hoped to be heaped with grand predictions of great fortune and acclaim. Instead you taught me this: to love myself tirelessly, to grow my life through kindness, to author my art in Light, and to write from the gentlest place in my soul every day.

Reverent Cate, with your gifts, you have acted as an author of my fate. By providing me with guidance that was not always easy to hear, I have discovered a life that is much easier to bear, a life in light and love, forgiveness and gentleness, peace and awe. Granted that I provided the courage to take all that on—but you provided the catharsis, impetus, and considerate input.

Your tailor—made prayers continue to function as markers towards a better life. And what predictions you did make have all come true—every one. Some alliances I clung to rather desperately did indeed fall away—but new compassion and insight were there to steady my way. Ugly thoughts I've lived my whole life were bravely put in their place. And while Fame and Fortune has yet to find me, my Art—my Skill—has become rich in its own right, truly worthy and great. Each script is a tone poem, just like you said. They do seem to write themselves—and so quickly now—from the Light inside myself. And that light is always available—available daily precisely where you told me to look for it.

Life wants us to be optimistic. You—and your example—have shown me that. Thanks for also teaching that Life expects us to work for it.

You were a gift. You are a gift, and a part of my loving, happy Fate.

May every being of Light, Harmony, and True Progress embrace you with Grace.

Your grateful friend (and client),

Michael, Beverly Hills

Dear Catherine,

Thanks so much for your counsel and help over these many challenges in my life particularly over the last 10 years. Your insights and connection to the spiritual world and our Creator are so important to me as I seek meaning and understanding from often confusing signs from the temporal and spiritual realms. Your guidance has without fail given me the strength to make difficult choices and thrive through the challenges of life. May our Creator bless and protect you!

With gratitude and love,

Art Hills

For anyone who has ever experienced emotional pain, has emotional scars, or the feeling of being at a loss, then Catherine Paretti is someone you might consider contacting.

I did not know what to expect when I first met Catherine. I was having personal issues that happened a few weeks before I called her. At our meeting, Catherine asked me only the basics about myself: name, birth date, address. Catherine did about 90% of the talking for the next 45 minutes. To say the least, I was captivated by what was happening. The emotional stress I had been going through was beginning to dissipate, and by the time I was driving home it was gone.

I continued to see Catherine for the next few weeks, gaining my emotional strength and becoming a more positive person, not clinging to negativity and the past.

Long Island, New York

I met Reverend Catherine in 1995 through a coworker. I was at a very low and unsettled time in my life. I had closed many doors and walked away from a marriage. I felt alone, scared and unworthy of any future love. I was only 30 years of age at the time. I visited her upper east side home and felt an immediate warmth and non judgmental acceptance. She took my used wedding ring and listened to the air above her. I eagerly waited and listened to what she translated. Much did not make sense then but today as I sit here in Starbucks looking at my two beautiful young children, I think of Catherine and the amazing gift and vision she revealed to me so many years ago.

That day she alerted me to an issue my father was having with his blood. She said his blood was thick. She said one of my brothers would injure an arm or leg. She told me I would marry a man who loved classical music and had his own business. She said I would never return to Ireland and would live on the west coast.

After the session, I called my mother and asked her about my dad. She said he was fine and had just had seen a doctor. I encouraged her to go back with him. They did and my father had his blood work taken. He was immediately put on a blood thinner. My brother later fell twenty feet onto his hip from a scaffolding while on a job. He was rushed to hospital in NYC and had metal pins put in.

In 2004, after many years of self development and following a solo voyage to Morocco where I buried the old wedding ring, I met a stranger on the streets of New York City. Together, we saved a fledgling pigeon from street traffic! With an open mind and a leap of faith, we were married 6 months later. My life as I know it began. He is everything Catherine said he would be and more! Today we live in Florida, along the Gulf of Mexico.

Life is truly amazing when you open your mind. I had never considered having a reading before that day. I still have vivid memories of my first meeting with Catherine. Me sitting across from her desk as she held my ring. The sun shining in the window, the Virgin Mary behind her. She is amazing. Not only for the wisdom she shares, but for how she made me feel. My mind was opened to a new world and I am everyday grateful for it. That is what she gave me.

Thank you Catherine. God bless you and your work.

Annique Acar